Heys Guys!

So ive been in the works for a couple weeks transferring this into a dot com, most know the process of getting hosting, installing wordpress and yadda yadda yadda. Well ive finally done it, its still extremely under construction until i LOVE it but for now, we have a new home. NotQuiteDisco.com Same posts, same funk, same everything. So bounce on over there and tell a friend!! Thanks.



This is the definition of Sunday tunes for sure. Cajoline sent me this track at the beginning of the month and im just getting around to listening, better late than never right? Right. Cajoline is a group from France who specialize in Nu-Disco. On onLy GirL they chop up Eric Bents vocals from His duet with Faith Evans, “Georgy Porgy” and weave them so flawlessly over a tropical bass line. Put this on as you clean the house today.


When this popped up in my email i was immediately impressed, not because he took one of my favorite Trey Songz songs “Cant Help But Wait” and chopped it up for a 5 minute long track that will have you two stepping without knowing, but because he is a 21 year old producer and dj who does his own management, promotion, and design. Hes only been performing under the alias The Equator Club since the summer but hes talented. I’ll definitely be keeping this guy on the 2013 rader. Check out his latest “Calling You” below and head over to his soundcloud for more tracks.

You’ll be lying if you said Future didnt have one hell of a year. Hate it or love it, this guy was over damn near every song. He ends his succesful year with a bang hopping on the first offering off Lil Waynes ” I Am Not A Human Being II” slated to hit stores February 19th. With Mike Will Made It on the boards and Drake and Future on the hook, this one is a hit.


Fion is the example of everything i love. The Ireland producer has a knact for Bass, Garage, and 90s era deep house that i enjoy most. On “This Way” he samples one of 702s  biggest hits “Steelo” and adds some insanely hard Bass hits and classic house synths. This is definitely someone you want to keep an eye on in 2013. Check out a Bonus track after the jump.

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Yaaman just shared this with me on Soundcloud and i mustve been living under a rock because this track was released nearly 5 months a go, but its a gem. Im definitely going to throw this one on the NYE pre-game mix. Head over to his Soundcloud to check out plenty more Nu-Disco goodies.


In spite of an incredible year and a toast to the new year, On The Fruit records release a new freebie full of that sound we love  over at Not Quite Disco. Expect a project from Sohight & Cheevy in 2013 but for now, turn this on and enjoy.


To be honest, I’ve been waiting for  someone to Rework one of my favorites off Rihannas’ “Unapolgetic” Album  & Brenmar has answered my prayers. Brenmar adds a dance feel to the song while maintaining the intensity of the duos lyrics. Check it out below.


A NEW MAJESTIC GOODIE!! I haven’t gotten around to posting one lately but i’m super excited over this one. “The Wilhem Scream” was practically one of the best songs of 2011 off James Blakes incredible self-titled album. The original is quite frankly, depressing but Poindexter adds some synths and incredible funk to it you cant help but enjoy. Go ahead, Vibe out.



Im slowly becoming a sucker for reworks of classic songs, when people take this risk you either hate it or love. With Gottfrieds’ Rework of Pat Benatars’ “Love is A Battlefield” i love it. He adds more synths to the record while keeping that 90s rock, punk, dance feel we all love. Makes me want to go work out. Check it out below.